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Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)
This program educates and trains personnel to the highest standards in
quality patient care.  All Patient Care Reports (PCRs) are reviewed for
completeness, accuracy and protocol compliance. The CQI program
processes any concern or issue by patient, family member, or medical
authority through its established channels.

To assure continuous quality improvement of our paramedics, the Lake
County Fire Protection District has implemented an evaluation system
for our paramedics knowledge and skill. The (CQI) coordinator asses
each selected PCR regarding County policies and procedures, rapid
patient assessment and interventions , interpretation of cardiac rhythms,
and manipulative skills such as intubation and Intervinous access. This
knowledge can be epically beneficial in identifying specific needs for the
Paramedic as an individual.

Lake County Fire Protection District
Emergency Medical Services Division
The Lake County Fire Protection District currently
deploys two 24 hour Advanced Life Support (ALS)
ambulances, a number of ALS reserve ambulances,
and  ALS complemented engine companies. The
District also provides both ALS and BLS ambulances
on a rotating basis for emergency transfer from local
hospitals to facilities of higher levels of care.